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Mini Dairy Plants :

Mini Dairy Plants
We undertake different projects for mini dairy plant manufacturing on turnkey basis. All the plants fabricated by us have material of construction of stainless steel and carbon steel, each confirming to different grades which includes:

Stainless steel conforming to SS 304, SS 316, SS 304L, SS 316L, SS 310 and SA 213    grades
Carbon steel conforming to SA-515, SA-516 or equivalent, IS-2062, SA-106 mark

Mini Dairy Plants
Mini Dairy Plants
We use the latest and best resources in terms of fabrication process and use of technology while executing the turnkey projects. In addition, during the implementation of the mini dairy plant project, we install various other equipment such as :
Road milk tanker
Pilot dryer
Ribbon blender
Multi purpose kettle
Continuous butter melter and many more